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Business Advisory Services

As senior business attorneys and advisors, our Firm advises on day-to-day legal matters and offers Strategic Business Planning advice at a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time executive-level general counsel.

We offer our entrepreneur clients a wide range of services, helping to answer the most pressing questions asked by entrepreneurs and build long-range business strategies, including advisement on intellectual property, corporate structure, financing, risk and litigation avoidance, due diligence, compliance, corporate governances, and contract review. Our extensive C-Level experience allows us to develop an intimate knowledge of your business while building trusted relationships with key individuals in the business. When we participate as corporate counsel in meetings about new business development, your company gets the benefit of proactive legal advice and C-level executive experience without worrying about the clock ticking in the background.

Our Firm structures client relationships in a flexible manner, to create the best fit for the companies we serve. We are always happy to supply estimates for specific projects, allowing you to budget and plan appropriately. We also provide additional services, such as litigation and bigger transactional projects, to our general counsel clients for a discounted fee.

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