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Commercial Contracts

Drafting, Negotiation & Review

Commercial contracts allow a company to be fully operational by providing necessary functions and materials to every business. Associated with the rights and benefits your company receives with its contractual relationships, contracts also carry risks and obligations. Breach of contract issues, claims, warranty problems, terminations, intellectual property infringement charges, alleged confidentiality disclosures, disputes, and litigation are all common risks associated with commercial contracts.


Our firm drafts, negotiates and reviews contracts with an eye for your company's rights and obligations, and helps your company avoid and mitigate risks that could harm your business. 

The Basile Law Firm P.C. handles commercial contracts in their entirely, as well as the negotiation and drafting of such contracts, and intellectual property licensing. Some commercial contracts include:

  • Software/technology agreements (outbound, inbound/vendor, development, outsourcing)

  • Biotech/Pharma agreements (contract research & development, clinical trial, product commercialization, manufacturing, licensing)

  • Professional services agreements

  • Development/outsourcing agreements

  • Early-stage and follow on venture financing

  • Manufacturing Agreements

  • Distribution Agreements

  • Media/Social Media Contracts

  • Intellectual Property Licensing

  • Non-disclosure

  • Non-Compete

  • Employment Contracts

  • Partnership agreements

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