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General  Business Consultations

Businesses are served best by someone who is familiar with the client's business, have actually stood in their shoes, represented numerous other businesses, knows the regional, national and global business landscape and environment, understands the synergy between the client’s business and legal issues, possess well-developed analytical skills, identify business risks and illuminate solutions and opportunities, based on actual experiences. I am an actual entrepreneur, having founded and taken public three separate non-legal companies raised more than $100M for my companies and invented/created products used in hospitals and homes around the country.

I am a results-driven business professional with extensive entrepreneurial, corporate management and professional services experience across multiple and diverse industries. I am also a Professor of Law & Entrepreneurship at The Jacob D. Fuchsberg Law Center in New York where I take law students from starting with an idea, to an IPO. The class is designed to allow law students to understand business perspectives by being both the CEO and General Counsel.

I provide comprehensive legal and business consulting (outside General Counsel) services to entrepreneurs and their businesses. My practice focuses on start-up, undercapitalized private and small cap public companies as well as working with mid-market exchange listed companies to develop plans to attract capital funding, acquisition funding, and effectuate merger/acquisitions in order to preserve business and shareholder value, attract fundamental capital and allow your business to grow.