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Financing & Placements

Financing can be vital to the continuance and growth of business at any stage of development, making corporate finance contracts possibly the most important and daunting agreements entered into by Entrepreneurs and business owners. 

Successful funding often involves many parties, such as the investor, investor’s legal counsel, financial consultants, investment bankers, auditors, and accountants. The Basile Law Firm P.C. works with the founders, executives, company professionals, and consultants to efficiently manage and consult on the financing process, from due diligence to closing.

Our attorneys review and draft financial documents to be as risk-averse as possible, and ensure our client is getting the best deal available under the circumstances. Our attorneys and legal counsel have experience with financial documents of all varieties including:

  • ​Private placement memoranda

  • Securities Purchase Agreements

  • Debt financings - secured and unsecured loans, promissory notes, convertible notes

  • Patent or Intellectual Property Financing


Our firm continuously builds a network of investors, venture capitalists, and investment banks; as well as an extensive network of professionals in varying fields, to ensure our clients are provided with the best assistance possible.

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