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"We represent numerous NASDAQ, NYSE and OTC Markets small to middle-market public companies in complicated financial and securities litigation in many state and federal courts throughout the country. As a boutique securities litigation firm, we focus on Securities violations and RICO claims against unlawful dilution funders. With offices in New York,  Dallas Texas and Naples Florida, we are ready and available to discuss your particular situation and help develop solutions to solve them.

- Mark R. Basile, Esq.

We represent both private and public companies, and their shareholders, in complex financial and securities litigation in many federal and state courts around the country. We have represented more public companies in  convertible debt litigation than any other firm in the country and regularly work with securities attorneys, corporate attorneys, financial consultants, forensic stock analysis experts and issuer management teams to develop prosecution and defense strategies in dealing with these types of funders and their aggressive actions.

We have won landmark, industry changing decisions on behalf of our clients and will continue to be an advocate of small public companies, and their shareholders, as they try to grow their businesses.


Our attorneys are some of the most knowledgable litigators dealing with:

 Scales of Justice

Litigation Updates

  • Joey New York (JOEY) Joey Chancis wins in the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals against dilution funder EMA Financial, LLC. The Appellate court vacated the judgment below indicating the trial court failed to apply our firms Adar Bays holding to Joey's criminal usury defense under New York usury laws. EMA Financial, LLC v Joey New York, Inc. et al. Case No. 22-274 (2nd Cir.)

  • DecentralizedLife (WDLF) wins in the 9Th Circuit Court of Appeals against LGH Investments, LLC. The Appellate court vacated the judgment below indicating that LGH's transaction was not exempt from California's usury statutes. Social Life Network, Inc. v LGH Financial, Case No. 22-55774 (9th Cir.).

  • Exeled Holdings, Inc. (ELED) vacates toxic lenders judgment for $744,000.00 awarded to LG Capital Funding, LLC in the Southern District of New York. LG Capital Funding, LLC v Exeled Holdings, Inc., Case No. 17-cv-04006 (SDNY).  

  • VNUE, Inc. (VNUE) files Complaint in the Eastern District of New York alleging Federal RICO violations against LG Capital Funding, LLC. VNUE, Inc. v LG Capital Funding LLC, Case No. 2:22-cv-03524 (EDNY)

  • Landmark Usury Decision - The New York Court of Appeals, New York’s highest court, handed down a decision agreeing with the firm that convertible notes used to fund public companies are subject to NY’s criminal usury statute. Adar Bays, LLC v GeneSYS ID, Inc. 2021 NY Slip Op 05616.



For Informative Articles on Toxic Convertible Notes and potential

Securities Law Violations by Lenders visit our BLOG

Custom Restructuring Programs for Public Companies 



The Basile Law Firm P.C. provides innovative and custom solutions for its public company clients that allow clients a clear path to developing and growing their businesses through recapitalization and debt remediation.

We provide extensive and detailed restructuring plans in order to correct stock and debt issues. We consult to companies, their boards, management, owners, creditors, lenders, investors and acquirers handling almost all business and legal issues. Our custom restructuring programs are designed to facilitate growth and capital raising.

Introducing our law firm

Mark R. Basile, Esq.

Mark R. Basile is a securities litigation and corporate restructuring attorney with over 34 years of experience as an entrepreneur and business law attorney, representing individual entrepreneurs, small private businesses, and public companies. Mr. Basile was also a popular Professor of Law & Entrepreneurship at Touro Law Center in New York

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